Chelsea and Greg’s Engagement!!!!! (Part 1)

    Eeeeeeeeee!!!! Greg and I are engaged !!! ūüėÄ


    In January 2021, Greg and I discussed getting away for a weekend. Work was really starting to pile up and we thought it would be nice to get away. Greg proposed the idea of planning a little vacation over President’s Day weekend in February. Greg suggested we take off the Friday before the long weekend and I thought it was a genius idea. So we took that Friday before President’s Day weekend off and turned what is a normally 3-day President’s Day Weekend into a 4-day President’s Day Weekend! (Weeeeee!) Sounded awesome to me! (And looking back–highly recommended!) Greg and I love Telluride, Colorado and since it is pretty close to Arizona, that’s the place we decided to go! I thought it was going to be a snowy little getaway 4-day vacation. Little did I know…

    Thursday, February 11, 2021: On Thursday, February 11th, Greg and I left Scottsdale, Arizona to to travel to Telluride, Colorado for the first leg of the trip. We decided we would leave after work and drive through the night. Greg is an angel man and did all the driving for the whole trip! (Thank you, Moo! <3) Including this first half of the trip driving through the night. We stopped for the night in Gallup, New Mexico. We had two beds–one for Willow and one for us! And of course Willow girl picked to sleep with us in our bed. She can’t bear to be away from her “hoomans” even if they are just a few feet away. We got in at about 1:00 am and quickly got ready for bed and fell right to sleep! We knew we had an early morning the next day!

    Friday, February 12, 2021: On Friday, February 12th, Greg and I got up early from Gallup, New Mexico, packed our belongings in the car, and started our trek to Telluride, Colorado. We had about a four hour car ride for this second leg of the trip. As we drove closer and closer to Telluride, the climate started to change until we were pretty much driving in what felt like a blizzard! The roads were completely white–covered in snow and snowing outside. (Below is a video of what it looked like.)

    It was wild driving through something like that. Greg is such a good driver though so Willow and I felt safe! ?  Before we knew it, we got to Telluride! Greg was super gung-ho on getting a haircut as soon as we got to Telluride. A little different, but nothing too out of the norm for him! (He loves haircuts! ?) So before we got to our hotel we stopped in town for Greg to get a haircut. Willow and I waited in the car and I called my Momma. Greg truly was getting a haircut but it actually was all part of his master plan! He needed to call the surprise Telluride engagement photographer (Lizzie Tilles–she’s amazing!) and coordinate with her where to meet and to let her know we made it!)

    Finally, after about an hour, Greg came back to the car and we had a short drive to our hotel! Greg told me we were going ice skating and it was absolutely freezing outside, so I decided to bundle up–beanie, snow suspenders, big wooly turtlenecks, sweatshirt from middle school, and my Momma’s big parka!) My ultimate goal was to be warm…so my outfit wasn’t that cute! I was ready like 30 minutes before Greg…which never happens by the way. I’m usually hours (yes, hours!!) behind him! So this was a rarity. I laid on the bed and finished waiting for Greg to get ready. It was in the bathroom for forever. (More on that later.)

    Below is a video of Greg waving when we first got to our hotel room!

    Eventually, Greg was ready and we made it out of our hotel room! Our hotel had a ride service, so we had it drop us off at the gondolas. (Telluride transportation is really awesome! Their form of transportation is gondolas! It’s pretty cool! You take the gondolas all over Telluride! It really is convenient and super unique. Especially to someone coming from Arizona! (aka ME!))

    Here’s a video of Willow on the first gondolas we got on.

    After we got off the gondolas we started the trek to the “ice skating rink”–which was all just a farce made up by Greg! But I didn’t know that at the time. So we’re off and we’re trekking through snow, and its cold, and Greg turns to me and asks if I can breathe! ?  I look at him concerned…can’t breathe?! We are in higher elevation, that’s what we chalk it up to and continue our trekking journey.

    Eventually, we make it to Mountain Village and we stop. Greg says, “let’s take some pictures here.” (Side story: When Greg and I came to Telluride in Summer 2019 with friends, we took some sunset pictures that turned out crazy in Mountain Village! The sky was unlike anything we had ever seen. So when Greg asked to take some photos, I thought he was just wanting to re-create the pictures we took Summer 2019. Which I am all about and always wanting to do! Greg knows me pretty well! Below are the pictures from Summer 2019. Look at the sky! Wow!)

    There is a woman sitting on the bench and Greg asks her to take our picture. She snaps a few photos. (Which you can see below.) (Side story: The woman on the bench actually ended up being Lizzie Tilles! Our engagement photographer! I had no idea though.)

    After the lady on the bench takes our photos, we thank her and continue on our way. In the distance there is a playground. (You can see it in the photos.) And Willow loves going down slides at the playground, so we start making our way towards that playground. In my mind I am thinking Greg is going to want Willow to go down the slides, so I pull out my phone to start recording, so I can capture Willow sliding down the slide. My back is turned to Greg and I hear him behind me say… “Chelsea…”.

    I turn around and there he is…starting to kneel on the ground….

    OH MY GOSH –my brain doesn’t know how to function.

    AND I SOMEHOW MANAGED TO CAPTURE PART GREG’S PROPOSAL ON FILM!!!! I was filming Willow but as soon as I turned around, my camera was still rolling and captured Greg too! Amazing! I didn’t even mean to! When Greg proposed I was completely caught off guard, my brain is in a tizzy, and I somehow manage to turn it off. Darn! BUT I DID CATCH THE BEGINNING! (Side story: Greg has the whole thing! Well he has our voices recorded. He started a recording on his phone before we go in the gondolas so he could capture the whole thing!)

    Here is just little snippet…the first few seconds! I still can’t believe I caught it on film…. WILD! SO HAPPY! ūüėÄ

    Greg proposed and it was a dream come true for me. Happiest girl in the world. Floating in the clouds.?‚ėĀÔłŹ‚̧ԳŹ 


    Printed Tunic


    IMG_3913 IMG_3930 IMG_3908


    DRESS: Free People “Heart Beat Printed Tunic”¬† (I absolutely love LOVE love this tunic!) [Similar¬†Revolve here and here)¬†¬†

    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley”¬†(Super cute similar Anthropologie “Sam Edelman” Booties here, and Anthropologie similar wedge booties here,¬†ShopBop “Joie”¬†here, Steve Madden here)¬†

    BAG: Free People “Duet Crossbody” (LOVE this cross body bag too! SO cute! I have it in nude) (REALLY similar Tory Burch bag here¬†and Kate Spade here)¬†¬†

    I love this fountain. ¬†It is absolute HUGE and looks wonderful both day and night! ¬† I drive by it almost it every day and always gaze up at its glory! :):) ¬†I decided to trek up close to this big fountain for a closer look. ¬†I didn’t really see¬†too many coins in the fountain. ¬†I was really surprised! ¬†(A fountain this size surely must grant wishes right?! ¬† Anyways it was love at first sight with this tunic. ¬†I liked it right away. ¬†Both the colors and cut! ¬†:):)


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    Dressy Winter

    Gray Midi




    I see so many gray midi’s all the time (and love mine!) so I decided to dedicate a post to them! :o)

    Here are some of my favorites I have found: (1) Romwe (2) H&M   (3) Misguided here and here (4) Nordstrom (5) ASOS

    My shoes I am wearing are Steve Madden but they are a few years old! But I have been on a hunt to find similar shoes with the “chunky” heel and ta-da found some! :):) Here and Here¬†! And my peacoat is from here¬†ūüôā

    I hope you’re having a great week! <3



    Casual Winter

    Pink Turtle and Sweater Vest









    Pink Turtleneck (similar at Macy’s here) / Faux Fur Sweater Vest (Similar at different price points Forever 21 here, Revolve here, Saks Fifth Avenue here, ShopBop here) / Jeans / Michael Kors “Regina” Boots (sold out in tan) (but still in black) / Similar Bow Bag here

    I am so sad that these boots sold out so fast! ūüôĀ  They are so cute and comfortable.  But yay for still coming in black!  I think that boots in general are a staple item.  These boots I am wearing are not exactly over the knee boots, but they are close!  I actually just ordered my first pair of OTK (Over-the-Knee) boots and I am so excited for them to get here!  I have always wanted a pair to wear with dresses and even leggings and jeans too!  I’ll be posting about them soon! ūüôā


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    Casual Fall

    Pink in Plaid








    Pink Plaid (sold out)¬†(similars for different price points¬†here, here, here, here, here)/ Jeans / Older Bag (Tory Burch similar here¬†and Marc Jobs¬†similar here)/ Michael Kors “Regina” Boots¬†¬†(sold out in tan, but still in black)

    Hello comfy pink in plaid shirt! ūüėÄ ¬†I always have a hard time finding a plaid shirt. ¬†I think this shirt is¬†cute, and is not mixed with a whole bunch of “weird” colors. ¬†Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know what I mean? ¬†I find a plaid shirt that seems cute, but then there always seems to be that one color¬†woven among all the other colors that is making it not as cute any more. haha Well, that seems to be the typical problem for me with plaid shirts. The plaid seems cute, but there is just something a little off. ¬†I did not intend for this post to go so in-depth about plaid, but essentially the point I am trying to get at is *drumroll* I like this plaid shirt! haha ¬†After a long time of looking, I finally found my favorite plaid shirt. ¬†And lately it has been a little chilly (it can get a little cold in the Spring too!) and I decided I would wear my perfect Spring pink plaid! ¬†Casual and comfortable for a lunch outing! ūüôā ¬†We went to one of my favorite restaurants Olive and Ivy such a great¬†place to eat! ¬†I really like their Prosciutto & Fig Bruschetta! It’s so good! ¬† Definitely a great place to visit if you are in the Scottsdale area! I recommend it!


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    Tan Turtle Neck

    IMG_4588 IMG_4590 IMG_4598 IMG_4602 IMG_4540 IMG_4543
    IMG_4554 IMG_4582 IMG_4697 IMG_4699
    IMG_4689 IMG_4705 IMG_4717

    Tan Turtle Neck

    DRESS: Neiman Marcus old (LOVE this Revolve similar here,Tobi similar here, Neiman Marcus last call similar here, Old Navy similar here)

    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley” Ankle Booty¬†¬†|

    HAT: ASOS similar  |

    To me neutrals scream fall. This dress is definitely one of my favorite fall dresses. ¬†A neutral tan colored turtle neck dress. ¬†Nothing gets more fall than that! ūüôā ¬†I really hope I get to go a pumpkin patch this year! Pumpkin patch picking is around the time that I am starting to really buckle down and study for finals but last year¬†I was able to¬†go and I was so happy! ¬†I hadn’t been in such a long time and had a lot of fun! ¬†AND the pumpkin patch I went to gave the public the option to pet goats! I was in heaven. ¬†There were baby goats everywhere (I really like baby animals!) and was so happy I got to pet a goat! haha I am a simple Chels! ūüôā


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    Hair Winter

    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 3












    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 3

    THE PHOENCIAN | A Luxury Scottsdale, Arizona Resort

    **This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.**


    Here I am standing in the Cactus Garden at the Phoenician. ¬†It has over 250 different types of cactus! At the Phoenician you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Phoenician’s Cactus Garden. ¬†While strolling you get to enjoy the beauty of the AZ desert. ¬†(Or you can partake in a guided tour led by the Phoenician’s resident horticulturist. ¬†This lead horticulturist can provide you more in-depth insight about the exact flora and fauna that exist on the grounds.)

    Some of my favorite cacti names —¬†TEDDY BEAR CHOLLA and¬†BUNNY EARS. (Admittedly, probably because they have cute names. ¬†But don’t be deceived by their cute names! ¬†You definitely do not want to be cuddling with these cactus varieties unless you want a hand full of cactus spines!) ¬†¬†

    The Cactus Garden extends along¬†the northern edge of the Phoenician’s main building, at the very base of the Camelback Mountain. (And yes it’s true! The mountain really is shaped like a camel.) ¬†

    10/10 highly recommend you visit when you are at the Phoenician.


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    DRESS: Tier Dresses crazy! I love these ones! ASOS similar here and here / Neiman Marcus / TopShop 

    WEDGES: Steve Madden “Korkey”¬†

    Hair Extensions: Bellami “Lilly Hair 260g 20″ Ash Brown” ¬†(use code “chels” for a discount!)

    Outfits Travel

    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 2

    IMG_4531 IMG_4492 IMG_4489 IMG_4458 IMG_4425 IMG_4398 IMG_4367

    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 2

    THE PHOENCIAN /| A Luxury Scottsdale, Arizona Resort

    **This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.**


    I had such a fun time exploring the Phoenician and the area around it. ¬†One of the Phoenician’s signature activities is bicycle riding! ¬†When you stay at the Phoenician you get to enjoy a complimentary bicycle rental from their large collection of bicycle cruisers. Awesome! ¬†You can chose to ride on the beautiful Phoenician grounds. (As there are so many great areas to explore!) However, if you would like, you can go off property to head for some local scenic areas.

    After all, when you visit Scottsdale, bicycle riding is a must!  Scottsdale is amazing for bicycle riding.  This is because of the canals and greenbelts around the city are perfectly made for a relaxing bike ride.

    The Scottsdale greenbelt is not too far from the Phoenician and creates a beautiful path full of desert vegetation and greenery on either side. This natural wash was the subject of a world-renown flood control project that serves both the cities of Scottsdale and Tempe by managing rainwater and creating a recreation zone that has become an important part of the community.

    The Scottsdale Greenbelt route is made up of wide paved paths that are mostly flat with a gentle downward slope when riding the Greenbelt north to south. The route also offers multiple bridges and tunnels to avoid crossing major traffic, making it perfect for a leisurely cruise for a bike rider of any ability level and safe ride for the kids, too!

    Another great aspect exploring on the Scottsdale Greenbelt is there are a lot of places for foodie detours and places to picnic along the Scottsdale Greenbelt.

    Overall, when you visit the Phoenician you have to give their complimentary bicycle riding a try! And whether you stay on the beautiful Phoenician campus or venture off for some sight-seeing of the city you can’t go wrong!


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    DRESS: ASOS similar here

    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley”¬†(Super cute similar Anthropologie “Sam Edelman” Booties here, and Anthropologie similar wedge booties here,¬†ShopBop “Joie”¬†here, Steve Madden here)

    HAT: Madewell Hat (Target similar here)

    Outfits Travel

    Exploring The Phoenician Resort / Part 1

    IMG_4282 IMG_4158 IMG_4162 IMG_4182 IMG_4216 IMG_4221 IMG_4233 IMG_4254-2 IMG_4254 IMG_4261 IMG_4266 IMG_4270 IMG_4274 IMG_4282

    Exploring The Phoenician Resort / Part 1

    **This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.**

    It’s pretty cold here in Phoenix now.¬† And I miss that summer triple digit really hot weather. ¬†(To some that sounds absurd! And it is…for the most part. ¬†Definitely the native Arizonan in me that likes the triple digits.)

    Arizona is most visited during the cooler fall or spring months. ¬†Traveling to Arizona during the “on season” time of the summer is great because then you get to experience Arizona’s wonderful weather!

    A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to partner with the folks over at The Phoenician.   I am here to tell you that anyone who travels to Scottsdale must visit the Phoenician.

    Do you like tea? No reason to travel to London to get some, the Phoenician has you covered.

    Want to visit a scene from a Nicolas Cage movie? ¬†No reason to travel to Hollywood, the Phoenician has you covered. ¬†(Really! Nicolas Cage filmed the intro to “Raising Arizona” at the Jokake Inn on the Phoenician property. ¬†Pretty cool if you ask me. ¬†The Jokake Inn is also where I decided to take the pictures above. ¬† It is truly stunning with all of its desert tones and hues.)

    Into golf? Want to play tennis? Have a relaxing day at the spa?

    The Phoenician has you covered.

    Coming to Arizona? Phoenician is the place to be.


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    TUNIC: Anthropologie “Tegan Tunic”¬†(super cute Revolve similars here and here)
    HAT: Madewell Flappy Felt Fedora 
    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley” Ankle Booty¬†
    Hair Outfits

    Big Braid

    IMG_4820 IMG_4823 IMG_4849
    IMG_4910 IMG_4918
    IMG_5009 IMG_5018 IMG_5076


    DRESS: In LOVE with this light pink revolve similar! Too cute! Urban Outfitters similar 

    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley” Ankle Booty¬†¬†|

    I have always REALLY liked sunflowers and¬†I think that can be attributed to my Grandma really liking sunflowers. ¬†They live up to their name completely. So¬†sunny and wonderful! ūüôā ¬†This dress was kind of a last minute purchase for me and I bought it on the way to California and wore it on the plane and I was so comfy! ¬†Sometimes, for me, I think finding a bell sleeved dress can be kind of hard because I don’t want a bell sleeved dress that is SO big that it looks strange but I still like it to be defined enough to tell that sleeves are bell shaped. ¬†And I felt as if this dress fit it perfectly. ¬†And the crochet added a nice touch.


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