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Boho Fishtail

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DRESS: Free People Boho Tunic 
HAT: Nordstrom Felt Hat 
BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley” Ankle Bootie

I am instantly drawn to any place with colored tile so I was super excited when I spotted these tiled stairs and had to sit to take a picture! (Insert “information desk emoji” haha If you have a Mac and have iChat connected on it go to your emojis and hover over the girl with her one hand sticking up to her ear…iChat refers to it as “information desk emoji”!  I was surprised to see myself!  But that would be the emoji I would insert here if I could!) I digress.  So I love tiled stairs and sat myself down to capture my outfit. This tunic (or I suppose dress as I am wearing it) is basically fall to me in dress/tunic form. With the colors and patterns and the cut of the dress/tunic I feel like a little autumn leaf when I wear it! :):)


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