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Floral Midi Dress

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Floral Midi Dress

DRESS:  | Floral Midi Dress > I got mine from Nordstrom but I can’t find it anywhere online!  Mine is Maggy London and I see a similar Maggy London online but there is also two cute Ted Baker similars here and here

Girls just wanna have bun! 🙂 I LOVE A GOOD BUN!  In all honesty I have probably worn buns more than any other hairstyle–especially these last four years I have been in school.  A bun is just so easy to do and when you are running around (like me) trying to make deadlines for school and be on time for class it is easy to just throw your hair up in a bun and go! So buns (especially sock buns) are my definite go to.  There are so many variations of a bun I feel like you can do but this one in particular I just pulled out a strand of my own hair and braided it and wrapped it around my bun for some texture and a different look.  For so long I was so hesitant about midi dresses.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about them on me.  This was the first midi dress I have ever purchased and now I am pretty hooked. So more midi dresses to come from me!


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