Hair Outfits

    Boho Fishtail

    IMG_3838 IMG_3833 IMG_3848


    DRESS: Free People Boho Tunic 
    HAT: Nordstrom Felt Hat 
    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley” Ankle Bootie

    I am instantly drawn to any place with colored tile so I was super excited when I spotted these tiled stairs and had to sit to take a picture! (Insert “information desk emoji” haha If you have a Mac and have iChat connected on it go to your emojis and hover over the girl with her one hand sticking up to her ear…iChat refers to it as “information desk emoji”!  I was surprised to see myself!  But that would be the emoji I would insert here if I could!) I digress.  So I love tiled stairs and sat myself down to capture my outfit. This tunic (or I suppose dress as I am wearing it) is basically fall to me in dress/tunic form. With the colors and patterns and the cut of the dress/tunic I feel like a little autumn leaf when I wear it! :):)


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    Hair Outfits

    Floral Midi Dress

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    Floral Midi Dress

    DRESS:  | Floral Midi Dress > I got mine from Nordstrom but I can’t find it anywhere online!  Mine is Maggy London and I see a similar Maggy London online but there is also two cute Ted Baker similars here and here

    Girls just wanna have bun! 🙂 I LOVE A GOOD BUN!  In all honesty I have probably worn buns more than any other hairstyle–especially these last four years I have been in school.  A bun is just so easy to do and when you are running around (like me) trying to make deadlines for school and be on time for class it is easy to just throw your hair up in a bun and go! So buns (especially sock buns) are my definite go to.  There are so many variations of a bun I feel like you can do but this one in particular I just pulled out a strand of my own hair and braided it and wrapped it around my bun for some texture and a different look.  For so long I was so hesitant about midi dresses.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about them on me.  This was the first midi dress I have ever purchased and now I am pretty hooked. So more midi dresses to come from me!


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    Casual Spring

    Teal Sweater

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    Teal Sweater

    Similar Nordstrom sweater here and ASOS here and Forever 21 here / Jeans / Booties / Necklace

    Hi ! 🙂  Does anyone else have a problem differentiating between the colors turquoise and teal?   Well, basically for me, whenever I see something that is either turquoise or teal I automatically just assume it is turquoise! (*Insert angel emoji*)  I don’t know if I just never properly learned the colors, or if I’m colorblind or what! haha I always thought I had a pretty good color education. I know all about Roy G. Biv, I know all about primary and secondary colors, and I even (not joking) find myself looking at the color wheel sometimes!  (Here is a fun fact that maybe some of you might not know… I don’t really know how well known of a fact it actually is though.  It might actually be really well-known and then I am just reiterating information that you already know! haha But anyways, the color wheel is helpful in many ways, but one of the ways I use it is to see what colors will look good together!  If the colors are directly “across” from each other on the color wheel that means that they are complimentary.  And if they are complimentary that means that their color combination will likely be visually appealing!)  So with this sweater in particular, I kept referring to it as my turquoise sweater and my Momma kept correcting me that it was in fact, teal not a turquoise sweater.  Which has been my life story with these two colors.  *Opening Scene* – Chelsea, ” I love this turquoise dress!!!!!!!”, World, “Um….that’s teal….lol” *End Scene*   *sigh* Well if the world is telling me this sweater is teal, then I suppose it is!  Alas, my teal sweater! Paired it with white jeans and my favorite little pearl necklace and I was ready to go! 🙂



    Hair Outfits

    Half-Up Dutch Braids ♡ Floral Blouse, Black Pants







    BLO– USE: I actually got my at Nordstorm but it is the EXACT same at Windsor | PANTS:  Lauren Conrad (similar SheIn and Nordstrom)  |BAG: Kate Spade (Kate Spade similar and SheIn similar) |  SUNGLASSES: Michael Kors (Michael Kors similar)|  SANDALS: Tory Burch “Miller Sandal“|Hair Extensions: Bellami “Bellissima 200g 22″-Chocolate Brown

    Half-Up Dutch Braids ♡ Floral Blouse

    Fun story (well fun for me! hehe):  I bought the shirt I am wearing at Nordstorm.  It’s a really lovely shirt.  Very comfortable and flowy (hehe I like to wear a flowy shirt when I know there may be big meals ahead!) I digress… BUT I went into Windsor and was casually perusing the clothing racks and stopped dead in my tracks because I saw IT. The exact same shirt I bought from Nordstorm.  So peculiar!  I picked it up and examined the shirt and it was the exact same shirt.  The only thing different was that the tags were by different companies.  I had never seen that before!  I was intrigued.  It made me want to research more into it!  (I love researching anything and everything.) Mysterious…to be continued…


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    Blue Peacoat and Suede Dress




    Dress (super cutie similar here) / Coat / Heels / Bag-sold out :'( (similar here) / Earrings

    Happy Spring! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! 🙂

    Spring is such a great time to wear fun colors including pinks, blues and greens–but especially these colors in pastel!!  Which brings me to my outfit! 🙂  I got this super cute blue coat perfect for Spring time!  Spring can sometimes still be a little cool so a light peacoat is always great to have!  And this one I thought would be perfect for Spring because its robin egg blue color 🙂



    Casual Winter

    Ombre Sweater


    IMG_3590 IMG_3524





    LOVE these Ombre sweaters I found! Toni here, Macy’s here  / White Jeans (and here) / White Converse / Marc Jacobs Bag / Necklace / Earrings /

    Hi friends:) I’m going to start off with a Dalai Lama quote, “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”  I don’t think the Dalai Lama was talking about wearing white after Labor Day, but that is how I am going to use the quote!  I don’t really follow the rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.  So here I am way after labor day and still wearing white! Huzzah!  It seems like you can find ombre “things” everywhere these, from hair, to nails, to even clothing, hence my sweater:) Even though my sweater is now sold out, there are still many viable and equally wonderful options out there for ombre sweaters! 🙂


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