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Teal Sweater

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Teal Sweater

Similar Nordstrom sweater here and ASOS here and Forever 21 here / Jeans / Booties / Necklace

Hi ! 🙂  Does anyone else have a problem differentiating between the colors turquoise and teal?   Well, basically for me, whenever I see something that is either turquoise or teal I automatically just assume it is turquoise! (*Insert angel emoji*)  I don’t know if I just never properly learned the colors, or if I’m colorblind or what! haha I always thought I had a pretty good color education. I know all about Roy G. Biv, I know all about primary and secondary colors, and I even (not joking) find myself looking at the color wheel sometimes!  (Here is a fun fact that maybe some of you might not know… I don’t really know how well known of a fact it actually is though.  It might actually be really well-known and then I am just reiterating information that you already know! haha But anyways, the color wheel is helpful in many ways, but one of the ways I use it is to see what colors will look good together!  If the colors are directly “across” from each other on the color wheel that means that they are complimentary.  And if they are complimentary that means that their color combination will likely be visually appealing!)  So with this sweater in particular, I kept referring to it as my turquoise sweater and my Momma kept correcting me that it was in fact, teal not a turquoise sweater.  Which has been my life story with these two colors.  *Opening Scene* – Chelsea, ” I love this turquoise dress!!!!!!!”, World, “Um….that’s teal….lol” *End Scene*   *sigh* Well if the world is telling me this sweater is teal, then I suppose it is!  Alas, my teal sweater! Paired it with white jeans and my favorite little pearl necklace and I was ready to go! 🙂



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