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    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 3












    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 3

    THE PHOENCIAN | A Luxury Scottsdale, Arizona Resort

    **This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.**


    Here I am standing in the Cactus Garden at the Phoenician.  It has over 250 different types of cactus! At the Phoenician you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Phoenician’s Cactus Garden.  While strolling you get to enjoy the beauty of the AZ desert.  (Or you can partake in a guided tour led by the Phoenician’s resident horticulturist.  This lead horticulturist can provide you more in-depth insight about the exact flora and fauna that exist on the grounds.)

    Some of my favorite cacti names — TEDDY BEAR CHOLLA and BUNNY EARS. (Admittedly, probably because they have cute names.  But don’t be deceived by their cute names!  You definitely do not want to be cuddling with these cactus varieties unless you want a hand full of cactus spines!)   

    The Cactus Garden extends along the northern edge of the Phoenician’s main building, at the very base of the Camelback Mountain. (And yes it’s true! The mountain really is shaped like a camel.)  

    10/10 highly recommend you visit when you are at the Phoenician.


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    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 2

    IMG_4531 IMG_4492 IMG_4489 IMG_4458 IMG_4425 IMG_4398 IMG_4367

    Exploring the Phoenician Resort / Part 2

    THE PHOENCIAN /| A Luxury Scottsdale, Arizona Resort

    **This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.**


    I had such a fun time exploring the Phoenician and the area around it.  One of the Phoenician’s signature activities is bicycle riding!  When you stay at the Phoenician you get to enjoy a complimentary bicycle rental from their large collection of bicycle cruisers. Awesome!  You can chose to ride on the beautiful Phoenician grounds. (As there are so many great areas to explore!) However, if you would like, you can go off property to head for some local scenic areas.

    After all, when you visit Scottsdale, bicycle riding is a must!  Scottsdale is amazing for bicycle riding.  This is because of the canals and greenbelts around the city are perfectly made for a relaxing bike ride.

    The Scottsdale greenbelt is not too far from the Phoenician and creates a beautiful path full of desert vegetation and greenery on either side. This natural wash was the subject of a world-renown flood control project that serves both the cities of Scottsdale and Tempe by managing rainwater and creating a recreation zone that has become an important part of the community.

    The Scottsdale Greenbelt route is made up of wide paved paths that are mostly flat with a gentle downward slope when riding the Greenbelt north to south. The route also offers multiple bridges and tunnels to avoid crossing major traffic, making it perfect for a leisurely cruise for a bike rider of any ability level and safe ride for the kids, too!

    Another great aspect exploring on the Scottsdale Greenbelt is there are a lot of places for foodie detours and places to picnic along the Scottsdale Greenbelt.

    Overall, when you visit the Phoenician you have to give their complimentary bicycle riding a try! And whether you stay on the beautiful Phoenician campus or venture off for some sight-seeing of the city you can’t go wrong!

    XOXOX Chels


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    Exploring The Phoenician Resort / Part 1

    IMG_4282 IMG_4158 IMG_4162 IMG_4182 IMG_4216 IMG_4221 IMG_4233 IMG_4254-2 IMG_4254 IMG_4261 IMG_4266 IMG_4270 IMG_4274 IMG_4282

    Exploring The Phoenician Resort / Part 1

    **This post is sponsored by Visit Phoenix and The Phoenician. As always, all opinions are my own.**

    It’s June in Arizona and we haven’t hit the triple digits yet! I’m sad to be honest.  I love the triple digit really hot weather.  (To some that sounds absurd! And it is…for the most part.  Definitely the native Arizonan in me that likes the triple digits.)

    Even though Arizona is most visited during the cooler fall or spring months, summertime in Arizona is not to be overlooked.  Traveling to Arizona during the “offseason” time of the summer is actually a great way to save money and have the pool all to your self.   Just don’t forget that SPF!

    A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to partner with the folks over at The Phoenician.   I am here to tell you that anyone who travels to Scottsdale must visit the Phoenician.

    Do you like tea? No reason to travel to London to get some, the Phoenician has you covered.

    Want to visit a scene from a Nicolas Cage movie?  No reason to travel to Hollywood, the Phoenician has you covered.  (Really! Nicolas Cage filmed the intro to “Raising Arizona” at the Jokake Inn on the Phoenician property.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  The Jokake Inn is also where I decided to take the pictures above.   It is truly stunning with all of its desert tones and hues.)

    Into golf? Want to play tennis? Have a relaxing day at the spa?

    The Phoenician has you covered.

    Coming to Arizona? Phoenician is the place to be.

    xoxxo Chels


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    HAT: Madewell Flappy Felt Fedora 
    BOOTIES: Nordstrom “Trolley” Ankle Booty