I love braiding hair! Both mine and others!  It is one of the favorite things to do. 🙂

I use extensions by “Bellami Hair” to make my hair more thick and I think it makes my braids appear more voluminous.  I don’t think you need extensions to braid hair but I like that way it looks and strongly suggest them for people who have thin or fine hair and want their hair to appear thicker!  (Whether it is in braids or not!)   I think they are fun to have and are fun to wear because you can easily alter the appearance of your hair with them.  I have loved mine from the day I got them and have two different pairs from Bellami Hair.  I use the  “Bellissima” 220g 22″ set in Chocolate Brown  and the “Lilly Hair” 260g 20″ set in Ash Brown.  I really love them both!  :):)

If hair extensions is something you are interested I suggest reading up on hair extensions (remy hair extenstions are the best and that is what Bellami Hair sells and that is what mine are) and perusing the Bellami Hair website.  🙂  And you can use the discount code “chels” at checkout to get a discount on whatever you buy from their website! 🙂


(1) “Bellissima” 220g 22″ set in Chocolate Brown:

 Below are pictures of my Bellami Hair extensions “Bellissima”220g 22” set in Chocolate Brown 🙂  These extensions are longer but not as thick as my other set.

Chelsea4 Chelsea3 Chelsea1 chels6 IMG_0180 IMG_0142 IMG_9536-2 IMG_0083 IMG_9324 IMG_7904 IMG_7087 IMG_6886 IMG_4782 IMG_4705 IMG_5310 IMG_4254-2 IMG_2740



(2) “Lilly Hair” 260g 20″ set in Ash Brown

Below are pictures of my Bellami Hair extensions “Lilly Hair” 260g 20″ set in Ash Brown 🙂  These extensions are shorter but thicker than my other set.

IMG_9453 IMG_5502 IMG_9191 IMG_9780 IMG_2936-2 IMG_2215-SQUARE IMG_3550 IMG_3287 IMG_3828 IMG_3617